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for exmeple , The police arrested a scam artist who conned a number of residents by selling them fake dollar notes, an official said on Tuesday. Buy counterfeit money online

how ever , firstly The fraudster tricked his victims via Facebook. secondly The police did not disclose the total number of vicitms and the amount of money obtained by the suspect.

for instance , The Arab fraudster promoted his fake dollars during many weeks on Facebook and sold them at half price how ever

for instance , after that Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Saeed Al Nuaimi, likewise Director of Criminal and Investigations Department at Ajman Police in the same vein , said more oever they were alerted about a fraudster selling dollars at less than its value.

Undetectable fake money

that is to say , Accordingly, a Criminal Investigation Department team was set up to arrest the accused. how ever , The police set up a trap and an undercover officer contacted the suspect to buy $20,000 for Dh37,000. in addition to , The suspect who is in his 30s and identified as W.A.A was caught red handed in Al Rashidiya area.

The police recovered a large amount of white paper bundles cut in the size of dollar currency. further more , and counterfeit $100 notes from the suspect. how ever , He covered white paper bundles with counterfeit notes.

for instance , What to do if you receive counterfeit money? for exemple call the police

above all , If you have been offered a counterfeit money for instance during a transaction, you must refuse the notes and explain that you suspect that for instance they may be counterfeit. If you suspect that a banknote is counterfeit after a transaction, meanwhile you have to report it to the nearest police station in addition to trying to keep him the longest time possible how ever. Write down the details of the circumstances of how you came into possession of the counterfeit note to help the police investigation.

moreover , Don’t try to pass counterfeit notes to someone else. Passing counterfeit money is a serious crime. In most cases, it is very difficult or impossible to change counterfeit notes after transaction.

The public can report emergency cases to Sharjah Police by calling 999 and non-emergency cases on 901.

how ever , in conclusion Buy counterfeit money online